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High Purity Isobutylene: Three Major Derivatives Drive Demand
China’s high purity isobutylene capacity is mainly located in Shandong. To effectively use C4 amid the rapid development of the petrochemical industr...
An Urgent Need to Solve Structural Surplus of POM
The polyoxymethylene (POM) industry in China started to develop in the 1950s. The market growth needs big funds as POM is a technology intensive mater...
China’s Polysulfone Firms in Urgent Need to Improve Product Quality
Polysulfone engineering plastics – which have properties like heat resistance, creep resistance, dimensional stability, shock resistance, chemical re...
China’s BOPA Supply-Demand Scale Will Continue to Expand
Biaxially oriented nylon (BOPA) film is mainly used in fields like food, daily necessities, and lithium battery packaging. The growth and upgrading of...
Cracking C9: Sluggish Demand in H1 2021 and Slim Rebound Possibility in H2 2021
China’s cracking C9 for industrial use averagely priced at RMB3 237/ton during January to June 2021, up nearly 14.58% compared with the same period l...